ʻAuhea ʻOe (Where Are You) - Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs

ʻAuhea ʻoe
Ka ipo lei manu
Neʻeneʻe mai neʻe mai
A pili pono kāua
A pili pono kāua lā

Huli mai ʻoe
Ma mua pono
Ma mua pono
ʻOlu ʻoe ʻolu wau
ʻOluʻolu nō

E huli mai ‘oe
Kūpono iho
I luna i lalo
I ʻō i ʻaneʻi
A he nani ʻiʻo nō

Where Are You
My lovebird
Cuddle up, cuddle
Close, two of us
Closer together

You must turn to me
Face to face
Thatʻs right
You and I are comfortable

You turn to me
Rise up and go down
Up and down
This is true love
True love, so beautiful

Have you ever tried it
The Yaka Hiki Hula
Seems a little wacky
But there’s nothing like the hula
The Yaka Hiki Hula

Won’t you come and try it
The Yaka Hiki Hula
Show them how to wiggle
From here to Chattanooga,

Shake it over here
Now way over there
Then all around the island
You do the amiami
You’ll be happy and gay

Fall in line and do the hula hula
You’ll be happy and gay

Source: English lyrics by Alvin Isaacs were probably added to give some humor and swing to the mele. Hawaiian Text edited by Puakea Nogelmeier © 1961-63 Criterion Music Corp.