Tuba Frenzy #1
Tuba Frenzy #2
Tuba Frenzy #3
Tuba Frenzy #4

Tuba Frenzy was a sporadically published music zine that existed from 1994 to 1998.  There were four issues, and the latest one is still available. Tuba Frenzy #4 is $4.00 postpaid within the USA.  If you live outside of the USA, send an email to zine [at] tubafrenzy (dot) org and we can work out how much it will cost to ship the zine.  The first three issues of Tuba Frenzy are completely out of print, sorry.  Feel free to send additional questions and comments to zine [at] tubafrenzy (dot) org.

Tuba Frenzy publisher/editor Tim Ross used to do some freelance music writing for weekly newspapers (North Carolina's The Spectator and The Independent, Atlanta's Creative Loafing), monthly magazines (Spin, CMJ Monthly, the Wire), and music/entertainment websites (spiv.com, Triangle Citysearch).

E-mail: zine [at] tubafrenzy (dot) org